Low-cost Hosting is expected, but not if you are Offshore.

Low cost hosting showing mobile devices
Low cost hosting showing mobile devices

Low cost hosting is expected by everyone with an online presence. But not apparently if you are based offshore.

We at Calibri must admit when we decided it was time for an online presence for our Writing Services, we never considered where the Hosting Servers would be based. Did it matter if they are local or Offshore?

We were blissfully unaware that it did matter. We were satisfied with receiving our hosting provider’s service for a small subscription as part of our development bundled with WordPress.

Well, it is something we are all used to receiving, that none of us gave it much thought. Now image a brand newbie website owner or your budding Baby Boomer Entrepreneur Grandparent starting. What should they know?

When asked, our website developer Alver answered: “Typically for the average website it does not matter where the hosting server is located as long as it works well. But why put yourself in a position where you have to pay for something that is generally covered in a bundle with only one subscription.”

Turns out going Offshore hosting comes with a hefty price.

With the purpose of our Calibri website, he did not see the need to head offshore. He also added, “low-cost hosting is more advantagous when starting out than Offshore Hosting which can come with a hefty price tag.”

So when you get to explain to your Newbie or Baby Booming Entrepreneur the subject of low-cost hosting it might pay you to start at the very beginning and explain what low-cost hosting and websites have in common to your much-bewildered student.

What service does a Website Low-cost Hosting Provider offer?

A Website Hosting Provider offers the availability of engaging a low-cost hosting service that permits individuals and organisations to post a website and webpages onto the internet. A “Web Host” for short, is a business that provides the services and technology required for viewing each website or webpage.

Our websites are stored and hosted on specially adapted computers called Servers. So no matter what niche market you are in, your target audience when wishing to view your site just types in your domain (www.yourwebsite.com) into their browser.

Your audience computer then connects to your server, Your website and your webpages will be delivered directly to them through their browser.

Why is he telling me this?

Remember, you may need to explain this information to a Newbie or Budding Entrepreneur who has no previous knowledge. The chance are they will need your help and guidance.

The majority of low-cost hosting companies in order for them to act as your host will require you to own your own domain. But these days, you can now purchase a domain with many hosting companies as part of their package. Just like we did with WordPress.

So what can I expect from my Hosting Provider?

  • Domain Email Accounts. Your provider will assist you by providing a number of accounts. These will depend on the provider, for example, WordPress gave us 20 email accounts to start with. They are easy to create:


  • File Transfer protocol Access. FTP access allows you to upload files from your local computer to your designated website server. So, if you wish to build your site utilising your own HTML files, you can transfer the files from your computer directly to the web server via the FTP access. Thus allowing your site to be accessed via the internet.

  • WordPress creation tool is a dynamic blogging and content management system. WordPress now powers over 25% of all websites. This makes them highly important to hosting providers. You will need to know immediately if their options and plans are compatible with WordPress.

For your reference when looking at low-cost hosting options, the minimum requirements must include:

  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher if possible.
  • PHP version 7 or higher if possible.

Now there are those of you who may wish to build your own site through your personal knowledge of coding or by utilising a CMS tool such as WordPress. To assist you with your search check out the following three hosting providers and check out their pricing and features on offer:

What benefits should I expect from a website low-cost hosting provider?

Apart from the initial hosting service, you should benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 in-house support via their technicians ensuring your website stays up and running continuously.
  • Solutions to problems arising from time to time such as email problems, domain name renewals, script rebutting, readability issues etc.

What we love about WordPress is their unwavering professional, hassle-free approach to all our queries. This allows us to concentrate on our efforts into the continuance of our business.

Now let’s look at Offshore hosting and what attractions and benefits can be gained from these remotely placed website hosting providers.

Offshore hosting attracts the owners of sites who want complete anonymity in regards to virtual and physical presence.

Naturally, that kind of increased levels of security and privacy would come at a substantial cost.

A Further benefit to Offshore hosting, there are no records of you and your personal information. Even traditional payment methods cannot reveal your personal data.

Another plus could be your business would like to enjoy lighter taxation rates by having a host outside the jurisdiction of your home taxation authorities.

In our business, it wouldn’t make sense to hide as our target audience generally want to know who we are behind our services on offer. Visitors research behaviour is usually to scan web pages or landing pages for a few moments. Thereupon clicking to “about us” to learn more.

So in conclusion for Calibri.

Personally, we didn’t see any benefits for increased privacy or the need to operate under a different set of regulations for taxation purposes. We do accept that when our services grow in the future, we well may change our minds. I can imagine seeking offshore hosting as a viable option to our bottom line ROI.

This may well apply to you Newbie and budding Baby Booming Entrepreneurs. But do not fret, it is not a precondition that you must follow offshore entrepreneurs. We recommend that keeping your business “White Hatted” in every aspect is an excellent way to sleeping soundly at night.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and researching this article on Low-cost Hosting locally and offshore. It has been created for Newbie website owners and Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs. You may wonder why we have written it.

Well, simple our CEO is a Baby Boomer from England now living in Colombia. It was a question he was asked, and when he researched the subject, he found little on it. He knew from experience others will ask the same question in the future. Therefore, we wanted to help with this article.

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Mike’s Bio

This a pic of the author Mike Bowley. It was taken on a windy day when he visit lake Windemere, in the North of England.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, English Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners & fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting their organic and relevant content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales and marketing. He now shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is also a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.

Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

February 2019

Adding authority to a budding Baby Boomer’s Content Writing.

Adding authority to a budding Baby Boomer’s Content Writing is critical to gaining not only the search engine’s trust but also their customers.

How does a Newbie website owner or a budding Baby Boomer Entrepreneur commence adding authority to their written content in their niche market? A question I have been asking for a while. Come and see what I discovered.

Are you the young person with the best Grandparents in the world? Do you love and admire them for all the right reasons? Do you suddenly find that you are now the teacher and technological Guru for those all-knowing experts on life?

Guess what you the fully fledged member of either Generation X, Y or Z is not alone. With the advancement of medicine and lifestyles, the Baby Boomers are living longer than their predecessors referred to as the Silent Generation (born before 1945.)

No longer do Baby Boomers accept that when they have reached retirement age that life is over. That their only prospect is daytime television, comfy slippers, and to potter around the garden when the weather is beautiful. Their minds and bodies are still able to work towards a better and more exciting existence in those so-called “Advancing years.”

So what is missing in your Baby Boomer’s armoury of knowledge?

“In many cases the self-belief that they are adding authority every day of their lives. It’s time to allow them to start adding that same authority to their written content.” wise words from my Social media strategist Paola. She had been hammering the same message into me for months, eventually, it sunk in and any self-doubt disappeared.

The chances are it’s not knowing technology. Yes, it is right computers have been around for a while now, but many, computers, networks, and social media are still pretty scary to the majority of 60-year-olds and above. For many, the world of the internet has had minimal bearing on their lives.

What you the younger generations take for granted is in fact still a substantial challenge that Baby Boomers do not fully understand or trust.

Why not give back to those unsung heroes of yours the expertise you have gained to make those “Advancing years” the most exciting of their lives?

The first place to fully understand your inspiring Baby Boomer is to head to the link below. You will discover an abundance of great insight into what makes a generation:

The Centre for Generational Kinetics

Welcome back, I hope you found that last link an eye-opener for you, why not share it with other members of your family. Perhaps now you can comprehend why your family Baby Boomers are always full of energy and the wish to strive to reach a better place in their lives.

Just imagine, if you can guide them to encompass their lifetime passion with the growing technological world that you know and strive in. What results could be achieved by all of you?

Who should be the ones writing the content for such an adventure? Who has the authority?

Generations of budding Entrepreneurs around a laptop.

An easy question for most to answer. Those that have the expertise and know-how on the subject will find it natural to accomplish. But do you get the usual response “in that overcrowded online world, how am I going to get people to listen to my advice?”

Writer’s first note: I felt the exact same for a very long time. Until the penny dropped.

I could not accept that people would one day read my articles and blogs when I could clearly see the internet flooded with writing content advice. Usually, from people with more knowledge and experience than me. Thus in my mind giving them more authority.

Writer’s second note: Then my trustworthy team of Paola and Alver pointed out my mindset was flawed. “Why should no-one listen to me?”

I am an English version of a Baby Boomer. If that term actually exists.

I was born in 1955, right in the middle of baby-booming years. Both Granddad and Dad were both in the Royal Air Force, my Mother three years younger than her husband stayed at home and raised both me and my brother and later in life my younger sister.

I started working for my “keep” from the age of 10. I was contented to rise at 3 in the mornings and walk to the local dairy a mile away and help the milkman with loading and delivering mountains of milk bottles, eggs and bread in his electric milk cart around the streets of Birmingham.

A year later, I was also delivering newspapers to the same customers, all before heading to school and falling asleep by mid-morning in class.

When I reached 16, I had a job at the weekend in the Birmingham indoor markets, and by the time I got to 17, I was leaving school and heading to Woolworths as a brand new Assistant Retail Manager.

As I approached my 18th birthday, I decided to follow in my Grandfather’s and father’s footsteps and joined the Royal Air Force.

Those first eight years of my working life set the foundations of turning me into a workaholic but believe it or not a happy one.

Little did I realise when I was 10 that over the next 50 years of my life all those masses of experiences would become authoritative when I commenced writing for a living. I was already adding authority to my content from the outset, I just did not believe I was.

Every job I took on over the years meant new learnings for me. I always took the attitude that I was starting each one with zero knowledge and experience. It would never take me long to become the leader in whatever job it was.

The same approach had stood well when two years ago I took that monumental leap of writing my first book of short stories and self-published.

The magic of an open book.

Was I instantly successful? Of course not. Writing is one thing. Editing is another. Then add on promoting and marketing.

When I turned to Content Writing, was I successful instantly here? Again the answer was no. I needed to learn first to write not only quickly but well.

Please tell yourself-doubting Baby Boomer, if they can learn how to write well, a new world will open for them. They will find themselves connecting with many people from all across the globe.

Writing a well-written series of thriving blogs or articles on a passion of their choice will allow people to start listening to their unique and relevant advice. Thus giving them the incredible experience of seeing those same people commenting and acting on that advice.

It did not take me long to see I could make an impact with my words.

Receiving great reviews and positive feedback from those reading our content is rewarding. It did not take long for me to realise that my toolbox was not limited. I did not have to shout. I had no need to incorporate body language, I had no need to bang on tables to add weight to my writing.

Writer’s third note: I just had to make sure all my words could communicate my passion and willingness to guide others in creating great content.

All those wonderful Baby Boomers need to know, their words if used wisely are in themselves mighty powerful. Ask them “When was the last time words made them cry or laugh?”

“When were they last inspired by words that drove them to act?”

Now imagine the joy on their faces when they realise if they write with power and passion, those readers they are scared of will start listening and accepting their advice.

Before they know it, they will see their products and services being bought. They will see they have inspired change, thus assisting with gaining authority.

What steps should your Newbie and budding Baby Boomer Entrepreneur need to master to gain authority?

  • Do not prattle on and on, it is weak and shows you do not know what you are writing about. Keeping your sentencing short and precise (No more than 20 words long) will aid in staying powerful and exciting to follow.
  • Do not suffer sleepless nights with regards to word count. Yes, search engines look for 2000 words or more per article, less for blogs.
  • 2000 words! Gosh!
  • Let’s look at some of the famous writers and see what they achieved daily: Ernest Hemingway 500 to 1000. Stephen King 2000. Margaret Atwood 1000 to 2000. Mark Twain 1400 to 1800 and the great Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame – 3000 per day.

Collage of famous writers, courtesey of Pinterest.
  • All the above were great novelists who kept to a routine that suited them. Baby Boomers will know how to achieve this, and many were raised on keeping within deadlines and timeframes. Writing content for their websites will be something they will thrive on.
  • Tell them not to try and put in every Tip they have into one article or blog. It can lead to losing the reader’s attention, especially with reading content on their mobile devices.

Remind them that in today’s world people read every word in their chosen books. The same people scan content on their mobile devices or laptops.

Sit your budding Baby Booming Entrepreneur down and make them read this list of helpful points to keep in their minds. Many have helped me:

  • The substance is not all about the breadth of their individual knowledge but the depth of it.
  • Everyone in the world loves discovering that previously unknown “pearl of wisdom” or that groundbreaking tip.
  • Make sure your substance can create a spark of inspiration, in other words adding value and exceeding your reader’s expectation.
  • Always have a clear purpose for each blog or article. Know in advance what you want to include in the content.
  • Review often during your creation stage, stay within your chosen topic. Take away irrelevant ideas and thoughts which could lead your niche viewers astray.
  • Ask yourself each time has the content delivered on your promise?
  • Again ask yourself, has the content resolved your reader’s problem?
  • Use specific examples to demonstrate and translate your theory. Head back to the paragraph I wrote on the famous writers and what they achieved each day.
  • This allows your readers to visualise your ideas.

Last month I wrote an A – Z guide on Content Writing and How low-cost hosting is expected but not if you are registered offshore. At the same time, I asked: why is no one reading your Grandparent’s awesome content?

Teach your new writer to keep each post to a specific subject and written with a conversational and informal tone. I love the fact my readers enjoy the readability of each article and are relating to my words and examples.

  • Tell your Baby Boomer where ever possible include compelling statistics to add weight to their substance. It gives confidence to your readers that you have the knowledge in your field.

Writer’s fourth tip. Authority is not about the writer. Its how you interact with your reader. Do you show empathy and generosity with the passion for helping your reader?

Remember all readers are like you. They have lives, they have worries. They have challenges and last, but not least they have dreams.

Writing compelling content for your niche market will inspire your readers to take action.

  • Active Landing Page or sales pages will encourage your readers to click and purchase.
  • An abundance of robust Social media updates will allow people to want to click and read further.
  • Authoritative Blogs and articles posts motivate your readers to implement your tips and guidance.

There are those magical days when everything simply seems perfect poster.

I have discovered that there is magic in creating content.

When I commenced writing seriously, I was 62. Wow, he started late you may be thinking!

Yes, that’s true. Now add the fact I could not read or write until I was 13 years old. Remember earlier, I disclosed what my working day was like when I was just 10 years old. I had no time to learn.

Luckily for me, a very wise old Silent Generation Teacher found the time to educate me and with her kindness and authoritative nature I responded. I will remain eternally grateful to that wonderful lady called Mrs Wall.

In the beginning, I had good reason to doubt my ability to become an author never mind a content writer. I thought I did not have the skill set or enough ideas to keep writing.

The great thing about doing something you feel passionate about, you never stop learning.

Your Baby boomer may well have a similar history as me. My parents had survived the London and Birmingham blitz in WW2. The thought of years of education held no weight for them as they grew up. I have learnt a generation who survived those terrible ordeals on a day to day basis would also grow up to have similar views.

Imagine what your Baby Boomers have held back from you and themselves. Support them and encourage them to find their voice and follow their curiosity.

In doing so, they will rapidly discover what they are passionate about. In turn, the content will resonate with the readers. These people will appreciate that the writer is unique with unrivalled and personal experiences.

The reader will enjoy the experiences of clarity, a deeper understanding and strength in the ideas put before them. Subsequently. That’s how a Newbie website owner and budding Baby Boomer Entrepreneur begin to adding authority to their content.

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Mike’s Bio

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and the UK Based Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners & fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs to getting their organic and relevant content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales and marketing, and now shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is also a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.

Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

February 2019.