SEO Blog Post length. What is acceptable?

SEO Blog Post length. What is acceptable? You would have seen lots of advice, some excellent some not. The content of this article is what we believe is sound advice.

The first two primary questions that need answering with regards to SEO blog post lengths are

Who is the target audience you are trying to reach?

How many words will the article or blog require to allow an explanation to be conveyed to the readers that will resonate with each of them?

It is best not to assume a little content is ideal for the readers. Yes, it is more straightforward and more accessible for each reader to read. Most of us do not wish to stare for hours on end at a screen.

I well remember forty years ago I could spend all day reading a newspaper or the next great best-selling novel. Flash forward forty years, now I flick through headlines. I am deciding if I have enough time to waste or not on any topic that catches my eye.

We are all aware that every generation’s attention span has continuously reduced. Does that mean a shorter reading experience is preferred? We suspect not.

The algorithim machinery of all Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo unanimously agree SEO Blog post length is vastly important in today’s content-hungry readers.

They base their findings for ranking purposes for each user experience and how they stay engaged. If they are happily returning to the same source for their information, the content ranking will rise.

There are hundreds of unknown ranking factors that the Search Engines consider when looking at search results. Article length is just one of them. Remember length does not decide if the content provided is good or bad.

Google’s stance is clear, and they want substance, evidence, and facts. Backed up with authoritative entities no matter what the topic or is being written about.

So, for this alone, the SEO blog post length or article needs to grow to allow the elements to be incorporated.

Back in 2016, the majority of writers and Webmasters thought between 200 to 500 words was the ideal benchmark for SEO blogs posts lengths. Also acceptable were larger blog posts from 800 to 2000 words for the standard Page 1 results. Little has changed, and the figures stand well in today’s community of Content Writers.

So with SEO blog posts lengths in mind, set your goals early when planning any content ideas.

Content writing that is structured, well planned, and well researched will stay in your reader’s minds longer than one-word style answers.

Many of today’s tech-savvy users know what has been written with thought and effort. They avoid those that look like the writer is having a “boring day at the office”.

On the flip side of the coin do not place quantity above quality to determine the article’s length.

It must always be quality over quantity and in that order.

Do not add content for the sake of extending the length. Still, think of your reader’s experience. Let them, see you care about them. Never write about the same piece of information from four different ways.

If you are authentic and honest, your reader will appreciate and will happily return to see and read what other SEO blog posts you have thought of.

They will quickly inform others of how good you are and how you meet all their expectations as a fantastic Content Writer who’s SEO blog post lengths conform with their acceptance.

Select your Target Audience early. Ensure you have their names spelt correctly. Research their interests, so you are accurate, and finally choose relevant Longtailed Keywords. (One of the hundred ways that the search Engines measure your content).

Set out your store with a thought-provoking heading and positive strapline. Follow with an organic and relevant picture or video and ensure an easy way to follow a link back to your article to show.

Gauge the level of intent for your reader. Are they necessary searching for more technical information? Or are they trying to make that decision in as short a number of clicks as possible?

Allow the content in your SEO blog post length to match what is required.

Ensure your content is well mapped out. Even before you have created it. Make sure the goals for the publishing of this content matches with your users and your website, with the end result of satisfying your user’s search queries.

Add well-written content to each picture and video. Explaining to the reader that you have taken your responsibility to them in providing assistance in all possible ways. They will see your ultimate goal as the strategist of offering the most useful information via the most appropriate platform has been met.

Summary to our article titled ” SEO Blog Post length. What is acceptable?”

Always be mindful of great content is a mixture of text, animations, pictures, and videos. Some readers have no problems dealing with large volumes of texts, while others suffer and prefer the ethos of “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Do not believe everyone can be treated the same. By mixing up your content and the way it is envisaged will reach your target audience in different ways. If you get it right, all of your audience will remember your effort.

Do not get bogged down in producing that 2500 document for a future blog post length at the forefront of your mind. If you do you have missed the point we have been writing about.

It is simple, give the best, most trustworthy, and optimised version of content to equal what your target audience wish to see.

If you do as we suggest your target audience will appreciate you and your commitment to them. Even more importantly, your website analytics will confirm and reflect in the rise in ratings with the powerful Search Engines.

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