Boost SEO Rankings with Organic Images.

Boost SEO Rankings with Organic Images. The images on your website are equally important and should be optimised as your text.

We suspect everyone on the planet knows we are living in an appealing visual world whereby every website and its pages house an image of some description.

But are they fully optimised? If not then someone will be wasting a valuable SEO asset.

We all want our pics to just pop up on our sites, and we all strive to have as many originals  as possible and not to join the thousands of sites that in the end almost look generic.

Yes, it is true when starting out you may need to add the stock images that are in abundance. But, rapidly make that transition to your own organic and original high-quality imagery.

Thus giving you the opportunity to boost SEO rankings with organic images.

Now you have reached that all-important stage of having a ready supply of your own images whether they be data visualisations, infographics or from a quality camera. The size of each image should be considered next.

When utilising imagery for mobile websites, it is crucial that they are strategically lightweight. By reducing, image size coupled with applying them in an SEO meaningful way will assist you with Search Engine rankings.

A concern for mobile websites is on how to speed up the download speeds. If the file size is too large, then it will take a long time to load onto a page. It will mean a higher bounce rate.

One way is by optimising the image. Another simple way is by using images to communicate what the content is going is about.

We use images to assist us in breaking up the contextual content and allowing the content to be quickly scanned. This is an acceptable user experience feature that can be found on many quality designed mobile websites.

So does using images still achieve a better experience and importantly boost SEO rankings strategy?

We at Calibri believe so, we think it is possible to integrate images with quality content in ways that downloads become quick on mobile devices and still allows the web pages to be read easily.

Calibri Tips for boosting your SEO Rankings with organic images.

Now, these following Tips we are sharing with you will decrease download speed and aid the Search engines to improve their understanding of what yours and our content are all about.

  • Keep all images simple. Avoid using lots of patterns, gradients and fine details, as these tend to create in their details larger files.
  • Refrain from blending Graphic, fonts & Photographic images. Images that are combinations of those mentioned will undoubtedly create larger file sizes when they are all mixed together. Remember JPEG format need to be saved at a higher resolution to reduce pixelation and cloudiness in words.
  • Using many colours should be avoided. Especially to illustration style files or photographs. An easy way to remember, the more colours, the bigger the file. A good tip is by reducing similar shades of blues, reds and yellows, in fact, any colour.

Most viewers will not notice or complain by you desaturating some images; it will make it faster for them to download to.

  • Correct Formats should be saved. This is a common mistake we did at the beginning of our journey. Images need to be kept as .jpg files, whereas illustration style files should be saved as .png files.
  • It is possible to protect them as .gif files, but some sites will classify them as animation and often will superimpose a “Play” Button upon the image.

Support all images with relevant and organic content. We at Calibri believe it should always be the case where the image supports our content. We do not feel adding an image because it looks eye-catching but has no relevance to the content is a no-no.

It’s not the size of the image that is crucial, but whether it adds to our visitors understanding of what the content is about.

Ensure the context accompanying the images is meaningful. We here at Calibri often add alternative text to our images to assist us in explaining what each image is about.

We have found our loyal visitors appreciate our choices of images and are happy to remain loyal to our brand.

Wherever possible Compress your images. This is an essential Tip for us to assist you with saving image sizes. It is a common error to utilize a significant image for a small image. Likewise, it makes sense to reduce an image such as 900 pixels wide down to between 600 and 800 pixels.

Summary to our article titled: “Boost SEO Rankings with Organic Images.”

We feel here at Calibri our images should be used wherever feasible in our strategy of boosting SEO rankings with organic images. If we choose with the same standards, we demand from our written content we feel we will gain more visitors.

We also understand images aid Search Engines such as Google to understand what our content is there for.

Never underestimate what images can do for you and your website. Images, after all, are still considered to be content and therefore should be carefully thought of as part of anyone’s boosting SEO Rankings with organic images strategy.

Why not tell us your top tips on the world of organic images. We will publish the best ones that really stand out for all users.

We hope this article goes in some way towards your full understanding of organ images and the importance of each one displaying freshness, engagement, and excitement when creating them.

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