Intelligent Personal Assistance. What will effect our future?

Intelligent Personal Assistance. What will affect our future? Imagine what your life will look like. Does it include your own IPA?

Too far away to contemplate? How old are you now?  Looking back, how quick did that time go? Were their robots and artificial intelligence 50 years ago?

Yes, we all remember as children picking up comics & books, reading science fiction and what artificial intelligence would one day look like. Never did it cross our minds those images would become daily life for us all.

Nor could we imagine an artificial assistant as portrayed in movies like Hal9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Or those two iconic R2D2 & C3PO from Star Wars becoming real friends to each of us.

But the time has already arrived, with artificial intelligence with ever increasing areas of our lives starting to incorporate Intelligent Personal Assistance.

IPA is playing its part, and over the next twenty years, their impact can only expand to a point where we will wonder how we lived without it.

Let’s look at intelligent personal assistance and what’s already there…..

  • The humble computer from the 1950s has moved on in huge “leaps and bounds” to the modern day mobile devices we all carry in our pockets and bags.
  • Originally the size of office blocks, now many of you wear the “humble computer” on your wrist. How many of you own the latest smartwatch from the likes of Apple, Garmin, Polar, and Google. There are many more we can choose in today’s market. We do not consider them as humble anymore.
  • All our mobile devices are internet connected, generating enormous quantities of data about us. Coupled with cloud computing software algorithms means the data can recognize the patterns of choices we continually make, for example, what we purchase, when we switch on our tv. The list is endless.
  • IPAs are growing in smartness, and intelligence daily. Many are learning what constitutes daily life for us. Look at how we can stop texting on our mobiles when Google searching. Ask my wife, she has ceased texting, it is all easily achieved, just by using her voice to gain the knowledge she desires.

intelligent Personal Assistance here, there & everywhere.

  • Our devices and gadgets are communicating with each other. Millions of Smart Homes & businesses have keyless doors. Heating that automatically turns on when it knows you have left the office. Speakers throughout your home obeying your every command, knowing what music you like, and personalising it to your taste. Intelligent Lighting, seamlessly switching on and off, as you move room to room.
  • Our cars are turning from the old petrol guzzling models to electric and driverless. Each full of new features to keep us safe. Airbags front & sides. tire pressure monitors, telematics, and accident avoidance systems.

The one I like is the DAD (Driver Attention Detection) systems, designed to analyze a driver’s characteristics, and spot signs of drowsiness or worse inattention, such as mobile use.

The vehicle will warn the driver and may even take control of the car. So, it could be said that in this case, the vehicle becomes the intelligent personal assistance to the driver.

  • In the security world, Facial Recognition is transforming the way we interact with the outside world. It is starting to replace, barcodes, driving licenses, credit cards and passport controls, all with their unique biometric capabilities.
  • Years ago, you and I had to queue up to pay for our groceries. Not anymore, we order online, we negotiate around stores with gadgets that record our purchases. Amazon has opened stores in the USA that allows you to record every purchase via your mobile app.

In addition, it automatically charges your pre-registered credit or debit card. They even save you the hassle of taking everything home with you. Amazon will deliver as you arrive.

What is going to emerge with IPAs soon?

IPAs are already targeted with the capabilities to produce news, reports, & content on a global scale. The healthcare systems & providers are adopting IPAs increasingly. We as patients will see enormous changes in how we experience healthcare.

Not forgetting the considerable advances to our safety in such industries as weather prediction, air traffic control, factory working, military for example bomb disposal, mining, radioactive materials removal, firefighting, chemical recognition, climate control.

If you sit back and contemplate IPAs are literally everywhere.

The title of this blog asked us to consider:

What will be the effect on our future with Intelligent Personal Assistance? Well, lets have a look……….

A typical morning in 2038 with my Intelligent Personal Assistance.

So, let’s have some fun, I will predict a typical morning for myself in the future say 20 years from now. Yes, I will be 83. But I will be a healthy 83-year-old English version of a baby boomer.

Because we know that all those benefits from the world of IPAs are definitely going to look after me. They will not just be reserved for the super-rich. We working earthlings will have our own personalised assistance.

  • During the night while I  am sleeping, my new friendly Personal Assistance (let’s call him Alberto) will be working. He will know of my mid nightly visit to the bathroom, he will calculate enough lighting for me to arrive and return without any issues. Also, my also aging cat who goes by the name of Blackie will be politely moved out of harm’s way.
  • While I am busy with what comes naturally and possibly frequently for a man of my age, Alberto will be checking my itinerary for the forthcoming day. He will diligently converse with my calendar and chat away with my community of electronic devices.
  • No more annoying alarm calls, Alberto will know when is the best time to wake me up ensuring I have slept peacefully prior to the nudge.

I head to the bathroom at the accompaniment of some soothing music Alberto knows I love to shave too. On this occasion, he has opted for the Hits of Coldplay 2000 to 2038.

  • Alberto has by now instructed the devices in the kitchen to prepare my breakfast and switched on the wall-mounted television screen to my morning channel of news and reports. My pot of CafePlus organic coffee brewing with my cherished croissants baking away.
  • Knowing in advance my schedule, Alberto has organised my wardrobe for the day. My suit recently returned from the built-in laundry service in the basement. Shoes impeccably polished and ready.
  • As I move from the bathroom, the music goes silent. Followed by, the moment I have entered the bedroom, it miraculously returns without losing a note. Now, dressed, I turn and head to the kitchen.
  • Again the music following me to the kitchen door and disappearing as the commentary on the TV comes into earshot. No remotes, no controls, no wiring,  just Alberto and his magic touch.

Over the next 30 minutes, I learn of the day’s accurate weather prediction. No need for an overcoat, gloves, and scarf. Maybe my walking stick.

  • My trusty IPA will remind me it’s our anniversary. Cristina is now in the bathroom with her IPA named Gladys. Knowing my wife, she has instructed Gladys to remind Alberto who has now informed me of our anniversary. All done within a blink of an eye.
  • Alberto tells me he has arranged for flowers and a table booked for our lunch at CafePlus a new flag store in uptown Barcelona with my equally ageing friends Simon and David.
  • It’s a bit of a risk booking dinner in the evening for two eighty-three-year-olds. We are bound to be asleep long before eight in the evening!

Virtual Reality Glasses becomes the true IPA to have in the home.

  • We both have appointments with the family doctor. So at nine o clock prompt, we head to our living room. Don our Virtual Reality Glasses, and log in.

We sit down, for our sessions with the doctor, as usual, he refers to Alberto with our latest medical report. Today my blood pressure is a little high, I do not have diabetes, and apparently, my heart is still functioning.

Much to the displeasure of my Cristina, who continually informs me my tipples of Southern Comfort and Cider are going to be the ruination of my existence.

  • Cristina, at the tender age of sixty-two, was informed she was half deaf and needed a hearing aid. Fast forward 20 years, Alberto and Gladys, have given her full hearing once again.

After the medical appointment, it’s off to the virtual boardroom with my ageing partners Paola and Alver. Our joint creation Calbri.com.co has thrived over the years.

All three of us live comfortable lives on earth.

Paola is often seen travelling via Virgin’s Galactic Service to our outsourcing office on the moon. There the rent is cheap.

  • Gladys & Alberto have appeared with our morning medication. Apparently, it is the hour, we need to have a short nap before heading to our celebratory lunch. Even IPAs need a connection to the power supply to have their batteries upgraded.

Summary to article on: Intelligent Personal Assistance. What will affect our future? Imagine what your life will look like. Does it include your own IPA?

We the team at Calibri have enjoyed our take on our CEO’s next 20 years and his future relationship with technology. We hope you have found it interesting and entertaining.

Please share with all the sixty-year-olds you know. Calibri plans to publish more blogs over the next 20 years.

Describing Mike and Cristina’s celebratory lunch, not forgetting, their evening celebrations with their friends and family around the globe when they reach 83.

Of course, we must not forget their relationship with Alberto & Gladys, their two unique, wonderful Intelligent Personal Assistances.

Join in the fun, send us your prediction on what life will be like for you in twenty years. Your vision of how IPAs will enhance and benefit you.

We will happily publish the great ones that make us laugh the loudest.

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Mike’s Bio.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners. Plus, fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting organic content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales/marketing and shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.
Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

October 2018 to 2038 (Re-edited before his 64th birthday.)

SEO Vs. SXO? Do you know the difference?

SEO or SXO or in other words Search Engine Optimisation versus search Experience optimisation. Do you know the difference?

Let’s start with the original of the two, SEO. This description gives us the process of creating, promoting, & improving websites.

Thus, allowing search engines to display them as high as possible when visitors search for them via SERPs.

The giant search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing assist the visitor’s searches with consistently reliable service, including their incredible technology software. Comprising of three types of searches: Navigational, Transactional & Informational. Each one reflecting the goal of the end user.

So aim to optimise with SEO and SXO your site with your branding goals, and meet the needs of your visitors.

Optimise for as many of the three types of searches your site requires. For example, if your site has product & service pages, head for keywords that focus on searches in nature navigational or transactional.

For sites that have pages for blog posts, focus your attention on your informational keywords. Not forgetting, articles, videos, & infographics to incorporate information to inspire & educate those creating the informational searches.

Below is a table with the three types of search queries:

Navigational Searches.
Image of navigational
Purchase the keywords
and enjoy higher profits
by using your branded
keywords, to increase
clicks & conversions.

Used when searching for a particular
webpage or website. Such as YouTube or
Facebook (The two top reported searches on
So unless you are the lucky owner of the site
researched, you are not relevant. But not
always. Sometimes the searcher is using
Facebook to locate news and information
regarding your brand.
Knowing this, It makes sense to own your
brand’s navigational query.
Identify your branded keywords.
Commercial Transactional Searches.
Image of Transactional
For engagement, keep
them simple in design to
enable your customers tomake that crucial
purchasing decision.

Your customer will use this type of search
for completing a transaction to either
ordering or purchasing a product or
service from a site such as yours. Make
good use of PPC campaigns as studies has
noted that PPC advertising performs better
than organic searches.
Remember, make good use of landing pages
with built-in conversion mechanisms to
allow purchasing, or downloading.
Focus on buying keywords.
Ideal for writing blogs, providing tips, creating how to do videos, writing step by step guides and illustrating a concept via infographics.
A searcher wants information on a topic, the chances are there will be thousands of relevant results. This time they are not looking for a particular site, nor a commercial transaction. Like us all, they are researching a question that needs answering.
Understandably, expect little to no monetary value here. The searcher wants information so focus on your creative content to the highest quality. Aim to become a trustworthy and authoritative source of information.
Zero in with information keywords.


Knowing the above information allows trillions of our pages to matched with the hundreds of billions of monthly queries known as SERPs, an acronym meaning Search Engine Results Pages.

We can understand by placing the buyer in control, it will result in a shorter & faster method of finding what the visitor wants.

Search algorithm’s overall purpose is to ensure we the users always attain the best results available.

The main flaw with SEO isn’t its capabilities in deciding rankings via keywords. It is the fact these search engines do not buy our products and services. We the people do, hence, why the shift to SXO has happened.

When you have designed and created your website, your chosen developer will talk to you SEO vs, SXO. As a reminder these two abbreviations stand for Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Experience optimisation.

They need you to understand Its not just measuring traffic, it must fulfil your visitor’s requirements.

There is so much more than ranking to consider; you have to plan your content whether it be visual or contextual. SEO and SXO looks at both.

In the same fashion, you have to focus on your social media campaigns, your levels of PR and not forgetting the analytics.

Here you will find a great ally named Google. They understand what the end user’s intentions are when requesting data.

When we were building our Calibri website our developer Alver was crystal clear we had to understand the purpose of each page with the user at the forefront.

Our content had to be engaging, informative and unique. It doesn’t stop there. For SEO and SXO purposes we must keep the site maintained and updated at all times.

The next time, you enter a query via a search Engine, pause and re-examine what Google has presented to you. Have you notice you get a choice of listed companies with reviews and comparisons. Google knows we don’t necessarily want the top-ranked site with poor content.

So is there a drawback to search engine optimisation?

Yes. There is, Google platform isn’t FREE, you do have to pay towards it when you wish to sell your services and products through it. Google’s revenue is derived from advertising.

Therefore you are up against the giants of the industry when purchasing valuable Keywords. They are dominated by all the leading brands.

Does that mean when someone asks Google a question, in effect, they are technically Google’s customer?

Yes, we all at times forget that. We are all providing answers to all the billions of questions that Google’s customers can & will ask. By using keywords and key phrases, we all aim for the number one ranking website that Google promotes to their customers. So, you can see the importance that Google has in their algorithms.

Google saw the need for more than SEO ranking. They believe content and experience is hugely important. Hence why SXO has evolved.

In short, keywords will become less of a factor, and content will become the ultimate goal. For now, keywords & content have to go together, or your website’s strategy will fail.

You will lose the ability to capture your fair share of relevant search engine traffic. Your brand will be at risk. Vital conversions rates will drop.

Be mindful, keyword research is there to obtain the right visitors to your site.

There, SXO takes over where SEO brilliant endeavours needs to put it’s customers to the front.

If done brilliantly, your content will persuade them to stay. So don’t think one replaces the other, at present both are significant factors to consider and plan within your marketing strategy.

The benefits of great SXO to you and your visitors.

By adopting a holistic approach to your visitor’s needs. Make it the heart of your SEO process. The best method is SXO. It ensures your visitor’s experience is positive when your site is user-friendly.

Here are some recognized benefits to SXO:

  • Well thought out written helpful Content, conscientiously written by us humans and no robots. Addressed & Directed to the needs of each visitor.
  • The ability for your visitors to head to their mobile devices first and never regretting making that decision. Furthermore, never losing speed on downloading onto their devices, and causing them disappointment.
  • If like I have here focused on content and white spacing equally, your visitors will avoid feeling overwhelmed. Your site if in design rids clutter and portrays clear messages, your visitors will see your efforts and will interact with it.
  • Your visitors have found your website, they are able to see clearly what they were searching for. Effortlessly, they have the answers at their fingertips.

Final Summary – There is no SEO vs. SXO.

To answer the original question in the heading of this blog is simple. There is no SEO vs, SXO. SEO came first, and SXO followed. Together, they make up the two essential processes of optimisation. One without the other currently will not work efficiently.

In today’s technical world, building your relationships is the key to success.

Yes, you need keywords initially to attract visitors to your brand. After that your visitors want to know who you are, they want to share stories and experiences with you and your brand.

Your savvy visitors routinely crave high quality, exciting and memorable content. They equally, want your content full of useful information and next to no “fluff.”

Soon. We here at Calibri.com.co will be adding visual content via videos. Visual content is so much easier and swifter for our visitors to process. We believe by doing so, we will generate visits, clicks, and conversions.

Your SXO should assist you in identifying who you are writing too.

The likelihood your SXO content will be shared through your social media networks is a foregone conclusion.

These networks will generate and establish your content as a respected leader within your industry whether you be a dentist or an anthropologist. Whatever your field you are in, the importance of SEO & SXO are the two processes you & your brand need to master.

Our next blog will take this topic further with the introduction of Intelligent Personal Assistance. Look forward to seeing again soon.

In the meantime here are some more of our articles you may find useful:

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Mike’s Bio.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners. Plus, fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting organic content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales/marketing and shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.
Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.