An Englishman’s Journey with the World of Coffee.

The World of Coffee and this Englishman’s journey with it began when I was a little boy. It was not a successful launch of a beverage product for me.

The strong acidic taste was a complete turn off for this little fella.

Camp Coffee’s concentrated coffee flavoured syrup first passed my lips back in the early 1960s. I thought “Hell No!” never again. You, the reader have to understand I was ten years old and submerged in the English culture of Tea.

My mother became my number one enemy. Every time she felt the need to poison me, out would come the bottle of poison. Camp Coffee came within a small narrow shaped bottle. Its Glasgow roots went back to 1876.

Its clean exterior hid its core of evil brown looking liquid. This consisted of water, sugar, caffeine-free coffee essence, and chicory essence. The later was the substitute for real coffee. Many years later, I still believe the chicory aftertaste destroyed my palate.

I have always wondered down the years how many others suffered as this Englishman with his journey with coffee.

Years later I prised myself away from my childhood home and enlisted into the Royal Air Force. I discovered Camp Coffee had missed me and followed me into the Mess Hall.

Later, I discovered the military was to blame for its success as it was looked upon as the quickest way to serve to its troops. Look at the label above; I admit they do look happy. But, I would love to know what their real thoughts were when of “camera” as we would say today.

Even the company slogan “Ready Always Ready” written as “Ready Aye Ready” sends shocks waves through my soul over fifty years later. I can still see the bottle at times in Supermarkets. Each was waiting for the next Home Baker to pick it up for directions in making coffee-flavoured cakes.

The missing Years Before Enlightenment.

Images of various brands of coffees from the 1960s.

Many of the Instand Coffee Brands above, I suspect I have tried. For many, I drank under duress with no real enjoyment. Tea for me at that time of my life always won the day.

Everyone including my Mother would serve me with the biggest mug they could find with piping hot liquid drowned in lashings of Milk and sugar.

I tried to savour and hid my discomfort but usually failed. Everyone could see by the amount I left in the dreaded mug on each occasion gave the game away. The excuses I would have to find got more feeble as time passed. I can honestly say I thought I would never love coffee.

Then came The High Street Giants of Coffee!

Image of Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee & Starbucks Brands in the 2000s,

Now fast forward to the 1990s, a time when I was working long hours at Heathrow Airport. Some of those shifts could last 18 hours or more. So coffee for me was the medication of choice each day that enable me to function.

Well, I did warn you that coffee has never been up to then my favourite tipple.

I tried the lattes and the cappuccinos, eventually realising coffee and milk does make me feel incredibly ill.  Drastic action had to be taken, and so I switched to Americano.

Now I was getting somewhere; those first few mouthfuls were delicious. The taste was finally telling me coffee could be a beverage to enjoy. But, my original feelings of dread returned, once I had drunk a tenth of the contents.

After that, the Englishman’s world of coffee was back to square one.

The portions were just far too big; I was destined to continue my struggle with drinking what millions of others found perfectly tasteful and pleasing.

Then came Cafe Mujer Colombian coffee to my Salvation!

The ladies from Cafe Mujer in Cordoba, Quindo, Colombia. 2018

In 2013 I decided to move to Santiago de Cali in Colombia and believe it or not I trained with my native Colombiana wife Cristina to become Baristas! We opened a cafe in the heart of the Coffee world.

The Englishman’s world of coffee had turned into an adventure and a business.

I soon discovered what a cup of Tinto was and I can assure you it should be called Nectar.

I fell in love with the Beautiful uniqueness of Tinto, and now I have to have a fix every couple of hours, teabags are but a distant memory for this Englishman.

All those wasted years not knowing Tinto existed. Then, one sunny afternoon we ventured on a day trip to a fantastic place called Cordoba.

There we discovered a tremendous community of ladies who had decided to go into business together and do battle with the Hombres by creating their brand of coffee.

Literally called Cafe Mujer, meaning Ladies Coffee.

We discovered men were not on their payroll, this coffee farm was a centre of ladies excellence, and after drinking just one small cup of their finest Expresso, I was hooked. We purchased 100 kilos and had it shipped straight to our new Euro-styled Cafe in the city.

Instantly we knew, we had discovered the jewel in the crown, we invited the local hotel’s squadron of Baristas to visit and savour the Sauve and gentleness of Cafe Mujer coffee, and the Baristas loved it.

The Baristas could not wait to show their magical skills. Both Cristina, and I had fun learning all the new ways of making, and enjoying coffee.

I have to say here on record give me a shot of espresso with one shot of brandy and topped up with one shot of Baileys, and I believe I am in heaven.

The evenings sharing ideas and stories with those beautiful Barista’s minds will always have a special place in my heart.

There was one minor detail that needed to meet, and that was for both Cristina and this Englishman to complete his journey with the world of coffee: –

The decision to become trained Baristas themselves.

So, Cristina arranged for us both to spend a day at a fantastic fun park called Parque de Cafe in Quindio. Our guide was full of information and his second language is English made everything on the day well worth it.

Not finished with their learning there, the next day they both enrolled as campersinos and had lessons in all the stages of growing and processing coffee.

Cristina and Mike in traditional coffee growers outfits

Cristina and Mike in traditional Colombian coffee growers outfits. Checkout the machete on his hip.

To ensure they could stand up in the middle of the coffee world and serve a decent latte or cappuccino they headed the day after to Bogota and enrolled in a Barista School. 

Finally, the Englishman’s world of coffee had reached Utopia for him. Now he was as one with all coffee connoisseurs around the globe. 


In the last ten years, there has been an enormous explosion of coffee drinking in the UK and coffee comes from all over the world creating a massive industry.

What the industry does lack is the introduction of Cafe Mujer, and we wish to invite all Lady owned Artisanal Cafe Owners to tell us their unique stories and order just one bag or two and test what I know to be the most exceptional coffee in the world.

A very happy couple with their ownartisanal cafe and sandwich bar in Cali
A delighted couple with their artisanal cafe and sandwich bar in Cali.

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Mike’s Bio.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners. Plus, fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting organic content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales/marketing and shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.
Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

Content for Link Building? How do you create it?

How do you Create Data-Driven Content for Link Building? Both need to go hand in hand to ensure success for your website.

As a good content writer, you must accept from the off you have to grab the attention of visiting readers and then hold them with exciting, relevant, and organic content.

Coupled with the above statement you need to build authoritative links with your amazing content for you to rank well.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the simplest way is to create content for link building with Data Journalism. You are targeting your content on facts & statistics on themes and topics that are both engaging and interesting. The result is the emotion of wishing to share this reliable data. Thus, in turn, aiding traffic to be driven to your online presence.

There is a tremendous and accurate piece of advice “Be the Source” by creating your data for an article or blog can be challenging to start. But, once you have taken that step with creating your font of knowledge, your readers will want to link back to your location they have cited.

Remember, it is vitally important that your content for link building is well-written, its in-depth and engaging. Add this to an effective outreach strategy, and you will find yourself heading in the right direction.

Author’s note: We will be creating a standalone guide for emailing outreach next week. in the meantime Outreach is a fantastic marketing tool that you can utilise to forge positive relationships with like-minded individuals or companies. This strategy when done right will help you to build your brand.

Remember the more you get noticed the more your brand will grow. So watch out for the new article on Email Outreaching Strategy.

By utilising tools such as Google Trends and Google Consumer Survey, you will be able to research for trending topics and subsequently find it easy to build your own data.

Selecting Your Topic of Choice for great content for link building.

Remember, great data does not always lead to equally great content. The question of how to relate the story with the data available to you. So firstly make the decision on exactly what your content is going to actually be about.

Then secondly choose whether the topic or the data will be your starting point. This will depend on whether you already have data at hand or the topic is trending and newsworthy.

When researching try using Google Trends and another great tool called BuzzSumo. Both are ideal tools for exploring and examining trends.

Once you have located a good source of data, make sure quality is the primary focus over quantity. Using killer content for link building will always result in achieving your goals in creating more leads and ROI.

Gather quality Information Surveys to assist you with focusing on the content for link building.

Whatever you are focusing on, surveys are a positive route to gaining that quality information, vital statistics and relevant data. Ponder carefully what questions you will need to ask with the aim of getting the best results.

Limit the open-ended style of questions, and included a large variety of demographic questions, this will allow you to cross-reference respondents answers and details.

Make full use of local communities, fan bases, forums and company databases via questionnaires, email, newsletters and of course your Social Media connections. Follow up with social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter Polls, Facebook and Linkedin.

Another great option. Run a competition on your own website to gain information that can be used for capturing data.

In today’s technical world nearly all companies now have access to Google Analytics. Here you can track your website success and utilise the insights and data you discover.

Analytic tools can give you a wealth of information on the demographics of your clients such as their age, gender, and location. Furthermore, you gain who they work for, what they purchase, what is read, even what devices they used.

As soon as you have your data, Check for interesting angles that will allow you to make your story newsworthy and relevant as well as interesting and trustworthy.

Wherever possible only highlight key points or statistics, as too much, will turn your average reader off and they will click away. Support with compelling Headlines, Storylines, and thought-provoking insights.

Segment your results demographically into a broader range of angles. Some will be local which you can pass to regional publishers and press agents for extra coverage.

Another exciting feature that has appeared over the past few years is the ability to utilise Visualisation tools.

Using these tools allows your content to be shareable and engaging. Yes, you can with effort do this yourself, but if you have a content writer in the family or within your contacts. Why not give them a call? I am confident they will happily escort you into their world.

Once your chosen visual has been created, by telling the story you can bring your data to life. Keep in mind your readers these days are turning more and more towards their mobile devices for content. Make sure your visuals can also work to their optimum on them.

Now you need to concentrate on structuring your Content for link building support activities.

If you have a PR team, collaborate and create a content for link building strategy. By doing this, you should be able to develop high-quality linking opportunities. Add Link builders to the equation, and you will now be able to outreach to Guest Bloggers and Industry Writers manually.

If you have a substantial budget, you can partner up with other like-minded companies on a Webinars to discuss the data.

Take advantage of creating blog posts, data presentations (Especially at conferences).

Finally, you can recreate the original data by working with infographics, graphs and charts.

Are you starting out with little to no Data content for link building, and no time available to collect any?

Firstly do not worry, we are in a world of technology that makes life a lot easier now. Google Search will take you to an abundance of data sources. Here is a concise list of many available:

Summary for our article titled “Content for Link Building? How do you create it?”

The magic of Organic, relevant, and exciting content has no shelf life,. Articles and blogs you write today will still be read with the same emotions in five years time or more. Yes, there are spikes when viewing their search ranking which usually is over a six month period.

If you have done your homework and put the hours in, then your data-driven content for link building will always work. Your readers and new visitors will come to trust you as you have given them something they want and value.

Footnote: from the Calibri.com.co team. In our extensive research we discovered this fantastic blog on content for Link Building Tools for 2019 – We loved it and will be utilising much of the recommendations they offered.

Best FREE Link Building Tools for SEO in 2019

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Mike’s Bio.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners. Plus, fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting organic content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales/marketing and shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.
Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.