YouTube Videos. How do you optimise For Search?

YouTube Videos. How do you optimise For Search? Will YouTube replace written content? Every day we can see this question appear all over the internet.

The simple answer to the question – Will YouTube videos replace written content is NO it will not.

There are billions of searches made every year for written information.

Written Content has always been King, and nothing else seems to matter. Well maybe twelve years ago that was the case. Now fast forward to today’s highly technical world, and that is no longer easy to say.

Online viewers are in love with videos, many now prefer capturing knowledge by viewing and not reading. They value great sound with outstanding visuals. Anything less and they will click away or worse still leave a comment.

Today our SEO Marketing Strategies cover all sorts of content from articles, blogs, ebooks, podcast, and not forgetting YouTube videos.

Even I find myself now searching for information not only on the internet but also from YouTube videos.

I suspect if someone was to measure the amount of time I allocate to each learning channel it will be a close 50/50.

Content in any format will always need optimisation for sound business sense. Our relationships with the YouTube Video Search Engine will depend on it.

So back to my original question, how do we optimise our YouTube videos to search and what steps do we need to master and follow?

Step 1. Title creation, the most important piece of information.

It makes sense to ensure whatever title you come up with allows your viewer to find you easily. The viewer’s experience must include a simple Title Search. So make your Title clear intriguing, compelling & concise.

There is an old slogan for a company in the UK for many years on our televisions that proudly broadcasted “It does exactly what it says on the Tin.”

I have never forgotten that slogan.

ecently I found out it went on to become the third most remembered slogan of all time. Why because it implied there are truth and honesty within the tin.

Many companies have used it since including the giant Colgate back in 2004. It does not matter how the product is presented, its the subliminal message in the tin that gets to us all. So ensure your viewers know where to search to find the “Tin.”

Think carefully and choose your keywords with care and match what you believe your viewers are typing or voicing into their multi devices. The length of your title needs consideration also, do not create long-winded titles as the chances are they will be lost in the results pages.

Step 2. Descriptions are not read by viewers as they are more interested in the video.

Just like the Title, the description should also be kept to a minimum. Remember your viewers are with you to see your video and do not wish to be delayed with long narratives.

Also, take notice of Google’s one thousand character description limitation, if you forget this Google will not. Remember these words of wisdom Short & Succinct.

Should you feel it is necessary to compose a lengthy description, please note that YouTube only will display the first two or three lines of your text before your viewers need to click “Show more” and see the remainder of your wording.

So it makes sense to ensure the most critical information is in those two to three lines.

The description like the Title will need to be optimised. It will assist your video appearing in the suggested video sidebars culminating the efforts of becoming successful as a source of viewing.

Step 3 Tags.are not compulsory & if used must be relevant.

Adding Tags is very similar to adding Tags in written content. Here you are allowing YouTube and your viewers to have an understanding of the content & context of your video, and to know what it is all about.

Lead with the most important keywords and longtailed keywords that are relevant so that YouTube can associate your video with other similar videos.

By doing so, it will allow you to reach a broader audience.

Step 4 Category.

Now it is time to decide which category you wish your video to be grouped with, so just before loading the video, categorise it under the Advanced Settings Option.

You will need to consider your answers for questions put to you. This is a helpful way of making sure your YouTube videos are correctly placed.

Step 5  Thumbnails need to be consistent with your videos & easily identified.

If you are anything like me, you will often find yourself scrolling through endless lists of YouTube video results. You silently congratulate yourself every time you see that “Hidden Nugget” and cannot wait to share it with the rest of your social community.

Why do we do that? Because simply it is so easy to do, we find a YouTube video thumbnail image. Coupled with an often exciting title, which together sends us a signal about the actual content in the video.

If you get it right, it will have a positive impact on the number of clicks and views your YouTube videos receive.

I have some which are embedded in my memory and every now and then, up they pop, and out they go to my new audience for them to enjoy.

The Ross Sisters back in the 1940s before computerisation.

Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed and was amazed at what these three sisters could do. Go on have some fun and share with all the people you love.

Thumbnails can be automatically generated by YouTube and again is easy to do. But if you want great performing videos why not customise the Thumbnail as well. Start by verifying your account to be able to upload the image. Click on the YouTube Verification link and follow the instructions.

A good benchmark each thumbnail should be 1280×720 pixels and saved as 2MB or smaller .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png files. Staying within these guidelines your thumbnail will not lose the high quality needed across the available multiple viewing platforms.

Step 6 SRT Files with Subtitles & Closed Captions (CC) allows viewers to watch your video in noisy or quiet environments.

If you wish to boost your YouTube videos further, then add subtitles and closed captions again with particular attention to the keywords used.

Click onto Video Manager, locate your video and then work through the menu to select how you wish to add your Subtitle or Closed Caption.

Step 7 Cards & End Screens allows for Engagement & Feedback.

These cards are preformatted notifications that appear on your multi devices. Usually seen as a small circular white icon with an “i” symbol. Their function is to request you and your viewers subscribe as well as promoting your brand, and other related videos on your particular channel.

YouTube gives you the option to add up to five cards per video, and there are a further six options to choose from the type of card needed.

Such types include Channel cards that direct viewers to another channel, Donation cards that encourage fundraising on behalf of US Nonprofit Organisations.

Other options are cards address to Fans to support the funding of video content, link cards which direct viewers to your external site such as an approved crowdfunding platform or a recommended product retailing platform.

The final two cards are Poll cards which will display a question to viewers and permitting them to respond with a vote, and Video/Playlist cards which enable connections to other YouTube video content similar to yours.

You can complete your process by adding an End Screen. These appear at the end of your video and usually have a couple of visual links to invite your viewer to view more videos on your channel. A great way to encourage viewers to like, subscribe or comment.

YouTube naturally are testing end screens to enhance via optimisation your viewer’s experience. Sometimes your choice of end screen does not show, so plan each decision you make to enhance all viewers experiences.

Summary to our article titled: YouTube Videos. How do you optimise For Search?

It seems like every human in the world views YouTube as an outstanding content channel. It deservedly the oculade as the king of visual content. We will always turn to YouTube to view videos of our choice, this trend will not disappear, some may describe the trend as more of a way of life.

The audience to reach is in global terms, and by optimizing your videos will give you a great chance to reach many of them. Give them great content with quality and relevance at the forefront of your decisions.

We hope this article goes in some way towards your full understanding of YouTube videos and the importance of each one displaying freshness, engagement, and excitement when creating them.

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