Free images online? Where can you find them?

A Free image online courtesy of Calibri.com.co

Free images online? Where can you find them? Are probably two questions that any “Newbie” website owner, budding Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneur or fledgeling Content Writer will ask themselves in the beginning.

We were no different at Calibri. We, like many, did not have an extensive back catalogue of images to delve into and equally important, we did not have an abundance of cash to pay for the licenced ones.

So what’re the answers to those probing questions?

We hope this list of 15 incredible sources for locating free images online will reflect the ones we discovered in our early days of building our photo catalogue.

Here is our list of 15  excellent websites that offer an abundance of choice when it comes to images, photos, and videos. It’s not a comprehensive A to Z list, but, undoubtedly 15 useful places for you to begin your image collection.

We did all the leg work so that you can sit down at your desk and browse through the content of this new article:

Free images online? Where can you find them?

An amazing sculpture of a bottom row of teeth from bigfoto.com
A sample of the quality of free photos from BigFoot.com.

BigFoto is a royalty-free photo agency with a gallery full of amateur photographer’s unique photos. Each photo is available for you to use on any of your commercial or personal projects.

Another couple of pluses with BigFoot, no registration required, no fees, there are no complicated rules and no watermarks.

Author’s Note: BigFoot does have a request, which we believe is only fair, and that is place a link to their site on your articles and blogs. We were pleased to do so.) This site appears small but, it has an abundance of information and advice. A definite hit with our team here at Calibri.

It does not matter what your niche market is, our article: Free images online? Where can you find them? You will find many sites to source from.

If you have a website and need visual images covering the world of food, then best to investigate Foodiesfeed.com. As the website title suggests, it is a centre of all types of free to download under the Creative Commons Licence food photos.

Is a website with 335 million free to use stock photos big enough for you? If so register with Foter.com.

Deep in thought gorilla-free image courtesy of foter.com
A magical photo of a deep thinking gorilla on Foter.com.

As you can see with the screenshot below. There are three simple steps to follow when you download an image with Foter.com.

Firstly, Step 1 Retrieve your desired image.

Secondly, Step 2 Check if the licence is OK for modification and Commercial use.

Thirdly, Step 3 Ensure you attribute the chosen photo.

A screenshot of the three seps required by Foter.com when using an image from them.
A Screenshot showing the three steps to taking and using a photo from foter.com.

Author’s Note: Foter.com also has a WordPress Plugin feature. Later today we will be adding this plugin to our Calibri site. A Quick update. mission completed and the Foter.com Plugin is now installed.

Hopefully, you are finding “Free images online? Where can you find them?” article full of great information.

Keep going there is so much more.

Should your website need images of a business nature and require useful charts and graph images, a good source is Freedigitalphotos.net.

You can freely use the small options as displayed with the following example, or you can purchase larger versions. A  handy site to register with.

A sample of Free charts and graphs from freedigitalphotos.net
A sample of the images you can find under the Charts & Graphs section of Freedigitalphotos.com.

An excellent UK based website worth checking out is Freeimages.co.uk who recently reached its 15th year in existence. Lots of choices here with over 80 categories to search through.

Author’s Note: this next photo sample from Freeimage.co.uk is for the ladies who love the sight and smell of a coral pink rose.

A beautiful free close-up photo of a rose courtesy of freeimages.co.uk
A beautiful close-up photo of a coral pink rose. Courtesy of Freeimage.co.uk.

We thought you would appreciate a small sample of free images for you to get a feeling of what is available with the web sites in our “Free images online? Where can you find them? Article.

If you want easy to access databases with literally millions of high-quality pics and videos, you will be pleased when you visit pexels.com with its connections and searches of other sites such as Gratisography and Pixabay.

For our CEO and Coffee Importer Mike, Pexels is his Number one source of images for his coffee interests and articles. There are thousands for him to choose from and attribution is not compulsory.

Author’s Note: It’s true, Pexels is one of my favourite source of images. Here is the one I particularly like by Janko Ferlic:

A cup of espresso surrounded with coffee beans and next to a jar of grounded coffee by janko Ferlic.
A Pexel magic coffee photo.

A jewel in the crown website has to be Picjumbo. When you arrive on this site, you cannot but notice the quality of the content on the site and the images available to you.

Author’s Note: The following photo is a superb window on what awaits you.

A female with her smartphone courtesy of Viktor at picjumbo.com.
A superb sample photo from Picjumbo.com.

Now, if you take pride in being a creative soul, then explore reshot.com. If you want a wow factor on your website with unique photos, reshot is a community of inspirational photographers to join.

Author’s Note: I have just spent an hour browsing and stopping at many photos, Oh how I wish I could take photos as these gifted photographers can. Here is only one sample of so many:

A free image from reshot.com of a chinese operaman having a break.
A fantastic photo of a chinese operaman having a break, courtesy of reshot.com.

Are you enjoying our article: Free Images online? Where can you find them? Why not have a cup of tea as you explore?

If you need free stock photos for commercial purposes, try out SplitShire.com. This site has over a thousand photos and a good selection of videos. All are free for you to use.

Your next discovery that we all agreed should be here is Stocksnap.io. This site has masses of Free high-resolution pics, and all with a creative commons Zero (CC0) license. Thus, enabling you to utilise them for any project whether it be of a  commercial or personal nature.

Author’s Note: Another piece of great news with Stocksnap.io, all images come without the need for attribution, and you can copy, modify and distribute freely.

Just like our Chinese operaman friend……

It’s time to take another break, this time to answer those call of nature that cannot be ignored. See you soon with more Free images online? Where can you find them?

If you want to be blown away with incredible imagery, then head to Super Famous Images. It does not have business style images, but, by Golly, you will be amazed by what you see.

Here’s one to feast your eyes on:

A example of the incredible images available with superfamous.com
One of our favourite photos from Superfamousimages.com.

Author’s Note: The incredible images found within the Superfamous Images site are available to you under certain conditions of a CCA 3.0 Licence.

This licence permits you to share, copy, redistribute, transform, remix and adapt the images for your own purposes as well as commercially as long as credit is provided and you follow the terms on each licence.

The time now for you to have an official “stretch the legs” break. Come back after your short walk around the park with your dog to continue with; Free images online? Where can you find them?

So, while your four-footed canine buddy is having his late morning siesta….

Check out Unrestrictedstock.com with their no-cost Royalty-free pics, photos, graphics and videos. With this source, you are reasonably free to do as much as you wish. But, it would not hurt to know in advance should there be any restrictions with certain licence agreements.

Author’s Note: Do not be put off with unrestrictedstock.com we were attracted to their vector on Textured Badges.

Another of Calibri’s favourite free photo websites has to be Unsplash.com.

There is an abundance of beautiful and majestic photos on many subjects that you can choose from. You too can subscribe and add your “once in a lifetime” photos to the community of gifted photographers.

Reading an ebook in a tent with a mountain range in the background. The photo was taken by Frank Holleman at unsplash.com
This photo was discovered in Unspashed.com ebook section.

Author’s Note: Remember your photos have to be very special indeed. I have spent a lifetime taking photos and can count on one hand my absolutely special ones. So I subscribed to Unsplashed and will send those 5 photos to see if indeed they are beautiful and unique to others.

The first photo under the article title you laid your eyes belongs to our CEO Mike. He took this photo with his Canon camera back in 2010!

The lady with all the facial jewellery was an Ecuadorian National showcasing her Guinness Book of Records number of safety pins (over 2,400) on her face outside on the steps, leading to the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Sadly, we do not have a record of her name. If any one knows her please let us know.

Our Summary to Free images online? Where can you find them?

As we said in the opening paragraphs of this article our list of 15 incredible sources for locating free images online reflects the ones we discovered in our early days of building our photo catalogue.

There are many more, you will find when researching for Free images online.

The 15 Free image online web sites, we listed here each has uniqueness and creativity as their core value.

We wish to say Thank You to all the global photographers for allowing each and every one of us to enjoy and work freely with your photogenic creations.

Did you find this article:  “Free images online? Where can you find them?” exciting and informative?

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