Indoor Coffee Plant. A new edition to your home, office or cafe.

A sample of a flourishing Indoor Coffee Plant.

Indoor Coffee Plant. A new edition to your home, office or cafe. Does the thought of owning a potential 100-year-old tree grab you by the roots?

It did us.

If you are thinking of adding a new fun feature to your home or office, desk or table top, you cannot go wrong with selecting an Indoor Coffee Plant.

So why an Indoor Coffee Plant and not another plant?

Because of our unique and never-ending relationship with coffee, it is amazing how we all love coffee. It makes no difference if you prefer your coffee to be a black drip, dripped with cream, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, Turkish, or just plain creamy espresso.

Author’s Note: For me, it has to be black, with no milk or sugar.

In Colombia, they make a fantastic version called Tinto. I never tire from its aroma and flavour, even on hot days I personally can be found walking the streets searching and salivating for my fix of early morning Tinto.

I like you, will know many who only survive the early hours of each working day after they have drunk a cup of coffee.

A few years ago I was a Security Manager at Heathrow Airport, there was an unofficial golden rule with all the Officers – Do not ask Mike a question unless he has had a cup of coffee first.

As you can imagine, I will never forget that 4 o clock start back on the 4th April 2010 when surrounded by a community of officers, all  asking me “When would the airport closure take effect due to the volcano?”

Thinking they were playing tricks with me, well I reasoned we were in London, and I doubted there was a volcano nearby. Later, I remember someone shouting out “For Christ sake get him a coffee and quick!”

How was I to know that an Icelandic volcano had erupted throughout the night and decisions were being made around the world to ground all aircraft?

Once I was aware of the enormity of the growing dilemma, I too shouted out “Where’s my coffee?”

An epic vision of the 2010 Icelandic Volcano.
An epic vision of the 2010 Icelandic Volcano.

……And to top it all, there was not a single Indoor Coffee Plant nearby to calm my nerves!

For those of you who also share a passion for the coffee bean, you will love the idea of growing indoor coffee houseplants. These beautiful plants radiate an abundance of glossy deep green leaves and look like they have been individually polished by hand.

They are fantastic as a stand-alone feature and at the same time look natural when grouped with other houseplants. When they are young, they appear dense and bushy looking.

As they start to grow, they take on a shrubbery look, and if allowed to fully grow they become almost tree-like with canopies of fully grown shiny leaves.

Yes, you can now have an Indoor Coffee Plant in any room you wish.

Hang on you respond this is the UK, how can I have a coffee houseplant when we are not a coffee producing country?

ICP Import Agency and Calibri SAS can proudly announce that you can shortly, grow the same indoor coffee houseplant that is the same source that produces coffee beans all around the world within the coffee belt regions.

The difference here is Indoor Coffee Plants will produce beautiful white (Sometimes orange) jasmine-like flowers within three years as they reach maturity.

But it will not be able to provide the seed. Thus making them an ideal and healthy feature for bedrooms, family rooms, dens, libraries, and studies. In fact, anywhere you wish to create a cosy atmosphere and look.

If you are very kind to your Houseplant and the conditions for its growth are excellent, you may in time be able to pollinate the flowers.

Some will go on to produce some berries that will contain the seed or bean. Will there be enough to brew a piping hot pot of coffee? Possibly not, but just think of the fun you will have to try.

But never let that put you off enjoying the friendship of a Coffee Houseplant. They can live up to a hundred years, just like us modern-day humans.

Believe it or not, coffee and us humans share very similar life cycles.

Author’s Note: An amazing piece of knowledge we can share with you and hopefully you will share with your loved ones:

The development from start to finish of a coffee cherry that allows us to extract the seed or bean takes roughly nine months. We recently witnessed one seed placed in a cup of water. After two weeks he suddenly appeared and as one says: “He smelt the coffee.”

The outdoor coffee plant has the wonderful ability to create white flowers, in the rainy seasons the flowers mature and drop from the branches.

In their place, a cherry grows. Inside these beautiful deep red cherries, you’ll find the seed that is in all our coffee brews.

Author’s Note: The gestation period from flower to harvest is nine months!

A photo of the Jasmine fragrant flower on an indoor Coffee Plant.
A photo of the Jasmine fragrant flower on an indoor Coffee Plant.

So now you know, the very same plant that produces your delicious coffee bean from a tropical climate can also give you the opportunity to be a proud owner of an Indoor Coffee Plant in the UK.

You can relax with the knowledge that these Houseplants are considered to be among the easiest and hardiest of houseplants. They are ideal for the most inexperienced growers amongst you.

We can vouch for the plant can easily be cared for, and once you offer your loving nature, the Indoor Coffee Plant will rapidly reward you, and make an excellent addition to your home, and office.

If you are a lucky cafe owner, just image your regulars seeing the plant for real whilst they are socialising with family, friends and work colleagues.

Once they see how easy it was for you to grow your own community of Coffee Houseplants, the next natural step will be to become a stockist with us and earn a new revenue stream.

They are a fantastic conversational piece and we have lost count of the number of conversations we have seen evolve because of the appearance of such a beautiful and friendly houseplant.

A beautiful room with a robust Indoor Coffee plant on display next to a window.
A beautiful room with a robust Indoor Coffee plant on display next to a window.

So how do you grow an Indoor Coffee Plant?

Just like many of us, coffee plants thrive with bright, but indirect light. So when positioning them, remember they should be placed near a window but not directly in the window. If they proliferate and you are concerned with the size, you can always trim back.

Author’s Note: They also, are not fans of freezing temperatures or drafty locations. They prefer a warm indoor temperature of 18C or 65F.

Do you see that similarity to us humans again?

Other pointers to assist you with success in growing a healthy and a contented Coffee Houseplant are:

  • Aim for the earth to be moist but not saturated. Nobody loves consistently wet feet. Even indoor Coffee Plants have standards.
  • House your indoor Coffee Plant in a lightweight and porous low pH soil with a high degree of nitrogen content. You can easily purchase this soil from your local Garden Center.
  • There will be no need to press down the earth vigorously. A gentle patting down will suffice.
  • Another positive thing you can do is to add some orchid fertiliser sparingly to help maintain the low pH and by adding possibly needed minerals.

We recommend you also invest in Remin Volcanic Powder Rock for your indoor Coffee Plant. Remember your coffee seeds come initially from high up in the mountains of Colombia and would immediately thrive on having this powder in its mix.

Screenshot of Remins (Scotland) Ltd Web page for Remins Volcanic Powder Rock.
Screenshot of Remins (Scotland) Ltd Web page for Remins Volcanic Powder Rock.

To purchase Remin Volcanic Powder Rock Dust click on this link:

Remin Volcanic Powder Rock Dust.

  • Ensure there is good drainage for both the soil and the plant within the pot. Start out with some small bedding trays where you can place a seed in each section.
  • When they start to appear, it is time to transfer them to small 3” pots for the next few months. When you feel they are ready for the next size pot transfer to a 5” pot. Leave your grateful plant to thrive for the next one and a half years before moving its surroundings to a 10” pot.
  • Wait a further year of growth before moving to a 12” pot. Now your growing friend has reached maturity and ready for a 5-gallon container which can become a permanent home.
  • Try and maintain a reasonable level of humility around the plant. You can achieve this by setting the plant on a water-filled pebble tray.
  • If you start to see leaves with brown tips and edges, boost the humidity as this brown will be a sign that the air surrounding the plant is too dry.
  • Remember, like many other houseplants, your indoor Coffee Plant will need less water in the winter months and a little more in the drier summer months.
An Indoor Coffee Plant sits proudly on a circular hall table waiting to greet its owner.
An Indoor Coffee Plant sits proudly on a circular hall table waiting to greet its owner.
  • Just like us healthy humans, your Indoor Coffee Plant care routine should include a small degree of fertilising or as we humans term healthy superfood.
  • In the Spring and Summer, we recommend the inclusion of a well-balanced fertiliser once every three months. You can add a little more in the much warmer temperatures.

Bear in mind if your Houseplant loves you and all the attention you provide, it can grow up to 6 feet tall in appreciation.

Author’s Note: Mum’s with sons will know that feeling.

Therefore, it may prove to be essential to consider from the beginning that you have allowed enough space for the houseplant. Alternatively, by regularly pruning you can control the growth.

The ideal time for pruning is once a year in early springtime.

Author’s note: Allow your houseplant to be pruned and kept in a young looking condition, you can cut back, so there is a minimum of one stem per trunk.

New stems will always appear. As soon as they do, you can then remove the old stem, and your plant will forever look young and healthy.

To aid the health of the plant to remove any dead leaves, limbs and flowers with a sharp pair of scissors or a robust gardening shear.

In conclusion to our article titled “Indoor Coffee Plant, a new edition to your home, office, or cafe.”

Patience is a definite virtue.

As I mentioned earlier, It can take two to three years for the houseplant to flower. To encourage flowering, reduce watering at the start of winter for the successive two to three months.

Once spring begins, water the plant well to shock it into blooming.  Like all things to do with gardening, it takes time to see the results of your efforts.

Author’s Request: But when you do, please send us your pics and the back story for you becoming a proud owner of an Indoor Coffee Plant. We promise to create a gallery of those pics and stories.

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Finally, a short Health & Safety note for you all, an Indoor Coffee Plant is not intended for animal or human consumption.

That’s the end of Health and Safety for today. Be a true friend to your Indoor Coffee buddy for the next 100 years.

Mike’s dazzling Bio.

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