Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr.

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Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr had to follow our ebook; “From Google Docs to WordPress Publish Article.” Designrr is a perfect ebook tool for Beginners. We got excited about how brilliant Designrr is.

Let’s share with you our exciting discovery, and why we are thrilled to become a Designrr customer.

We were overwhelmed with the words: WordPress, Blog post, PDF ebook with Zero Design skills required.

We had discovered an ebook tool with a lot of extra called Designrr. It boasted of a platform for converting written content into ebooks. It did not matter to them, if the original source was in the format of MS Word, Google Doc, PDFs, Kindle book or Flipbook.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Flipbook.

A Flipbook created using HMTL5 software image courtesy of WordPress.com
A Flipbook created using HMTL5 software image courtesy of WordPress.com

A Flipbook or as many describe a Flick book is a book containing a series of images that vary gradually from page to page or an interactive HTML5 online publication that allows the reader to feel and see a similar effect.

The online file can also come complete with page turning sound effects. The end result being when you turn the pages rapidly, each image appears to animate by simulating motion.

Author’s Note: Check out the mobile-friendly Animated Flipbook feature, it is fantastic for any projects where you wish to share one of your unique creations with only One Link used.

Plus, “Animated Flipbooks” works brilliantly on mobile devices.

If that does not excite you as it did for us. Look at what else all of us can enjoy when we are customers of Designrr.com.

As a Designrr customer, you will have the ability to convert your video and audio content such as YouTube and Podcast content into a future ebook or article post.

YouTube logo witha podcast microphone, image courtesy of Club WordPress.

Straightaway we wanted to record and post our experiences via Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr.

Like many of our article posts, we direct our messages to “Newbie” website owners, budding Baby Boomer online Entrepreneurs and fledgeling Content Writers, and this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr are in the same vein, for the same audience.

But that does not mean we are excluding anyone who discovers this article. If you want to convert your written content from your website or convert your niche market content into an ebook. Here is how to do it with Designrr.

So our first question was: What was our signing up experience with Designrr like?

As you can expect to sign up with Designrr was simple to do, the customary user name creation, consigned email address and unique password was all that was required. A verification returned email secured everything.

Our next question was: How many steps are there to converting our content?

You will be relieved to know there are only four steps to understand. We are explaining each one to you in Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on Designrr.

The four steps are:

  1. Import. This is the step where you select one of your Google docx, MS Word Docx, Facebook Page, Webpage URL, YouTube or MP4 video file uploadable Link, Podcast MP3 Audio uploadable file. See the list is extensive.
  2. Draft Reviewing. Remember you will need to save your imported content as a draft in the Designrr Draft Editor section. You will be pleased to know you can make changes to the content when you feel the need.
  3. Selection of the design template and format. This is the step where your content is transferred into the unique Designrr Formatter. You can check your content for its layout, and add or adjust your images.
  4. The exciting step – Publishing! As soon as you are happy with what you have created in your draft, click the Publish Button and export into the format of your choice. You are not restricted to this single action as you can make alterations and re-publish again.

Step 1. Importing.

On the official Designrr site numerous helpful tutorial videos add value to signing up with them. We include many of their videos to our article Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr to enable you to see how fantastic they are.

Here are the first three:

Designrr overview of the four steps.

Importing your URL into a one or two column template.

Author’s Note: Ensure and double check you have chosen the specific URL when you wish to import from your website URL. Be Careful you do not select the Domain URL. (I mention this because we nearly did. Thankfully Paola has a keen eye.)

Designrr brief on Formatting your chosen Output.

We suggest a short break to give you a chance to digest all this valuable and exciting information you are gaining from “Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr.” and Designrr’s excellent videos.

Take a ten-minute coffee or Cascara Tea break.

Hopefully, we all are refreshed and ready for four further videos from Designrr included here in our article.

Designrr video guide on importing from a Word Document.

The next video is a hit with Paola our Social Media Strategist:

Tutorial video from Designrr on how to import from Facebook.

The following video that I wanted to study for the reason I create articles and ebooks using Google Docs:

Designrr Tutorial on Importing from Google Docs.

Author’s Note: In the next six months we will be investigating the world of Podcasting and YouTube video making for Calibri, and for the ICP Agency who import Cascara Tea and Indoor Coffee Plants to the UK. Already we have played this particular Designrr video four or five times with much interest.

Now for a brilliant video from Designrr on the subject of importing video and audio content.

Now you can go into either of two directions when it comes to gaining more tutorial lessons with “Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr.”

If you prefer to visually learn via videos head to the next link:

Complete list of Designrr “Get Started” Tutorial Videos.

Or if you prefer to train yourself via contextual content, click on this Link:

Contextual Tutorials from the Designrr Team.

There are another two excellent and informative Designrr tutorial videos that will assist  you greatly:

How to organise your Page Numbers and your Table of Content (TOC).

How to export to Kindle and epub.

Its time for your next break from “Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr. We suggest this time a walk around the block with the dog and let your imagination go wild.

Step 2. Draft.

I emphasised to you all earlier in this article the necessity of saving your imported content as your draft in the Designrr Draft Editor section.

The reason why?

So you can relax in the knowledge of being able to alter your content should the need arise.

Working at the draft stage is very similar to those who have a WordPress website. Much of your article or blog posting is done at the draft stage and you will save all your changes.

After that, you review before making the decision to publish. The same process can be found here with the Designrr Editor.

The immediate benefit is the ability to organise all your projects in the one place with the added bonus of creating ebooks with content imported from a multiple of sources chosen by you.

We know most of you prefer visual training compared to contextual training, so following on the practice here is another excellent video explaining more on the Draft Editor.

Designrr video tuition on Draft Editor.

Step 3. Formatting.

Brainstorming new ideas and making excellent choices are abound within the Calibri Team. As soon as we discovered the vast choice of templates, we slowed down to discuss all our options.

Deciding on which template to use for our ebook titled: From Google Doc to WordPress Published Article was the longest part of the process so far. Each of the Calibri Team had their own favourite.

Eventually, we got there, and all of us are very happy with the final choice.

We suggest you do the same as us and take time to consider all tastes and preferences before making that all important decision of which template you will zero in on for your next ebook.

In the meantime here is another Designrr video to assist you within Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr.

Selecting a Designrr template for your ebook creation.

Not so easy as it sounds, is it.

The decision on what style will suit your brand and the actual content within the ebook will play a significant part of the final decision on which template to go for.

Do not forget, the other aspects you will need to consider as well:

  • Choice of font, font size and font colour.
  • Ebook Primary Title and Front Cover.
  • Will your Logo appear? If so, how much space will be dedicated to it?

When you have answered all the question regarding the formatting of your ebook, as we have said before do not forget to save your final format choice.

Now head to the Dashboard, name and save the project after you have selected the option “Convert to Template.”

Another satisfying feature of the Template section is whatever you have saved will always appear there unless you decide to delete.

Here is another informative video from Designrr to help you with formatting your output:

Designrr tutorial on Formatting your chosen output.

You may have noticed with Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr, our approach with this article is an informal one around the excellent choice of videos available from Designrr.

Writing “Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr” has been very different from the norm. We felt that inserting tons of images would add no value and that the insertion of various Designrr Videos would be more helpful to you as they were to the Calibri Team.

Author’s Request: Please let us know with a comment if you agree with our decision to limit images in favour of the Designrr videos.

Step 4. Publishing.

While our thoughts are on images, it is acceptable to say images do help to tell your story. Each image should be of high quality, organic and relevant. They should also be styled in ways to remain consistent with your contextual content.

The next video we are including in our Ultimate Guide to Designrr will give you valuable insight on how to achieve great results with your images.

They include walking you through:

  • Firstly, the ability to adjust your images for size and layout.
  • Secondly, where to go to locate new images utilising their Designrr Search feature.
  • Thirdly, how to select your text, add various styles and different visual looks to your images utilising the Designrr Built-in Photo Editor.

Designrr Tutorial on how to work with your images.

Our Summary to Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Designrr article.

It took only 5 minutes for our CEO Mike to upgrade to Designrr PRO. We are so happy he did. When he saw what was available, he knew we would all be pleased.

When you upgrade to the Designrr PRO you immediately have the following to choose from when creating your ebooks:

  • The ability to import directly from your Facebook Pages.
  • Automatic Page Numbering.
  • Option to switching off Headers and Footers.
  • Inserting a Table of Content that is already numbered.
  • A catalogue of over 200 ready to use cover designs.
  • The ability to Export to either Amazon Kindle and/or to epub Format.
  • Potential to generate 3D Covers for all your ebooks.
  • The facility to import directly from a PDF.

Finally, Just think if your skill set does not go as far as being a prolific Graphic Designer, do not worry.

You cannot lose out with Designrr. With them, you will never run out of brand new ideas and styles.

Why? Well apart from the initial 200 different styles to choose from Designrr will send to you each and every month a further ten new styles!

So it must make sense to do the same as Calibri and upgrade immediately.

Here’s the link to do so:

Upgrading to Designrr PRO.

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Mike’s Bio

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee houseplant, Cascara Tea, Colombian Coffee, and Artisanal Giftware Importer. Plus he is an SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer and published Author.

He thrives on creating alliances with UK based artisanal cafe owners, Hotels, and garden centres with artisanal product makers in Colombia. He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners & fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting their organic and relevant content on web pages and mobile devices.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales and marketing, and now shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is also a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.
You can also visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

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