What should Granddad concentrate on when creating Content?

What should Granddad concentrate on when creating Content? Where do you start? What is his lifelong passion? is there a niche market waiting to follow him?

Your Granddad or officially known as baby boomer has decided to become a Blogger to supplement his pension. You have helped to set him up.

Now he has his online presence and has spent the last three months writing many blogs on his niche market.

In this case, he chose Fly Fishing. A past time he has enjoyed since he was a little boy.

You are surprised at how he has progressed, considering computers arrived in the latter years of his life. How do you break it to him, It’s no secret that creating content that is engaging is harder than ever?

Do not let it worry you in the slightest. The chances are your baby boomer in the family may well be retired. But life does not end there for him or his generation.

  • Back in 2015 according to a Kauffman Report over 20% of Entrepreneurs aged over 55 chose to launch an online business over sitting in front of the TV in retirement.
  • Studies from Beckon from Austin Texas showed that while content marketing was up 300% in 2016, and in the same year engagement had only risen 5%.
  • To make things worse, those people taking the time to read and engage with content are  spending an average of 37 seconds on any page before clicking away.

How do you inspire him to keep going with creating content?

First, let’s address the reason for these awful statistics. Explain to him, that nowadays our lifestyles show we are always connected to the media, whether we are using our laptop, smart TV or mobile devices.

It’s difficult for anyone to stand out and capture attention. Tell him there is an overwhelming amount of content being created every single day.

He needs to show resilience and ensure all that he writes is relevant. Write to your chosen audience and no one else. Give them what they want as this alone will keep them engaged.

Present your baby boomer blogger with a piece of paper with the following 10 all inspiring pieces of advice when creating content:

  1. In the beginning, write down what it is you wish to achieve. When you have done that make it your mission statement on your website. Remind him he is now in the business of information giving. People start to trust you more when you show what it is that’s driving you.
  2. When you curate, ask before you commence. If you know the reason WHY you are about to write before you arrive at WHO, i.e, your target audience,  Do you know WHAT you wish to say to them and HOW you are going to express yourself to them? If you do not know WHY in the beginning, there is no point heading down the path to a plainly written mediocre blog.
  3. When you get stuck creating content, think back on the journey you took in fly fishing. Blog your journey.
  4. Worried you might not be good enough, do not get paralyzed by pursuing perfection. Write from the heart and pass to your loving grandson for editing. Or better still download Grammarly Premium.
  5. Spend an equal amount of time with Grandma. You will always need to rest. Set the hours when you will switch on the screen and start blogging. Its work and like all work you need to be alert to achieve awesomeness.

6. There are very few rules to obey in being a blogger, they usually revolve around the content itself. Show no fear, make mistakes, then come and tell me and we can make the changes by communicating together.

7. You know your inner self more than anyone can know. Except of course grandma. Write from the heart, remembering the values you instilled in me, and in a voice, you are comfortable with. Your followers will see and appreciate your openness. They will be more inclined to share your content with those they love and trust.

8. As new generations arrive, bear in mind the adage from an unknown Japanese scholar – “Everything old will be New Again.”

That will apply to your niche fly fishing content as you will have the advantage of looking back to find your inspiration. Your content should show your desire to educate, engage, and entertain. Focus on these three elements Granddad, look to all the old ideas and revamp them to today’s audience and amaze them.

9. My gift to you Grandad, embrace the power of possibility. When you play, you become creative. Do not set a predetermined goal or outcome. Let your mind play and instead ask the following:

“What if I wrote this? Well, that’s ok; but what if I wrote this? No that’s going to mess it up, what about this instead?

By playing, you will be allowing yourself to head down a path you’d least expect.

10. Remember those words you taught me to believe in:

You may be good at something, it does not mean you are expected to do it. Equally, because you do not know how to do something, It does not suggest you should not try.

Now you are in his good books, sit him down and pass on this information to your baby boomer blogger & content creator.

While there maybe no hard and fast rules, there are certain things you can do to  engage your readers better and increase the time they spend reading your fly fishing content.

11. Write in-depth blog posts in the regions of 2000 words or more. Search engines such as Google look more favourably at these than a blog post with say 300 words.

12. Break up your written content with visual content such as fly fishing related images and videos. Chose the ones that will impact your content in a positive way. The beauty of those perfect images will help you to tell a story in ways your words may not.

Images can also be used to convey information such as statistics, studies and processes.

By adding these images, you will improve the time each visitor spends on your page. Not forgetting the added bonus of increasing the chances of your readers sharing them on their social media platforms.

Videos are great too, and if you chose wisely, your readers would stay on average 2 to 3 times longer than content without them.

Use a decent digital camera or upgrade your mobile phone to allow you to made videos at home or when you are fly fishing with your friends and competitors.  A 15 minute homemade YouTube video is free and takes a little editing. Yes, I can show you how once you have done 1 or 2 of them you will be an expert.

The positive result: more shares will equal more traffic.

13. It pays to offer Tips and Takeaways at the end of each blog post. Let your reader feel your post has added value over any other blog on fly fishing.

Readers love relevant and explicit tips, and your niche is perfect to allow bullets and sub-headings to be included. If you re-examine this article, you will see I have covered many as they are a blogger’s best friend and considered best practice.

Here is the creating content conclusion for your Grandad.

When curating Blog Posts always build your content with your readers at the forefront of your mind. Write in a style that suits your niche market and target audience.

Decide how many blog posts you wish to publish each month, and select a day for publishing that can be kept each week or month.

Let Google get to know your site when you are expected to publish and that you are a site worth considering when someone raises a question on your niche market, in this case, fly fishing.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article for creating content and more importantly we hope your budding baby boomer entrepreneur finds it useful and informative for him.

Now share with him some more of our articles directed at assisting Newbie website owners and budding Baby boomer Entrepreneurs.

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Why is no one reading your grandparents awesome content?

Adding authority to a budding baby boomer entrepreneur’s content writing.

Mike’s Bio.

Mike Bowley is an Indoor Coffee Houseplant & Colombian Giftware Importer, SEO Content Writer, Baby Boomer, and published Author. He thrives on creating alliances with UK based Artisanal Cafe Owners and Garden Centers with artisanal product makers in Colombia.

He enjoys helping “Newbie” website owners. Plus, fellow Baby Boomer Online Entrepreneurs in getting organic content onto web pages and mobiles.

Mike has spent over 50 years in sales/marketing and shares his life and work between the UK and Colombia. He is a regular writer on both Viviamaridi and WattPad.

Visit his author’s website here: mikebowley.com.

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