What are the fantastic benefits of Cascara Tea?

Cascara coffee cherry tea.

Benefits of Cascara Tea, do you know what they are? Have you heard of the new hybrid tea Cascara Tea now available in many artisanal and boutique cafes?

Did you grow up like me in a household of tea drinkers? Was coffee a funny tasting acidic hot drink you tolerated once it was placed in front of you? If you want to read my journey regarding the world of coffee, click on this link:

An Englishman’s journey with the world of coffee.

My initial journey was typical of many of my baby booming generation. Luckily for me, the world of coffee changed enormously and the fact I moved to Colombia at the ripe old age of 58.

Now, I am a coffee person, but, I think discovering Cascara Tea has tipped the balance back to tea again.

Cascara is a Spanish alternative word for Tusk, peel or skin. It was given to describe its origin. The tea comes from the outer peel of traditionally discarded coffee cherries. Amazingly, the same outer shell that surrounds and protects the coffee beans within them as they grow and ripen.

Coffee producers around the world are turning to sun-drying the coffee cherries and brewing them in similar ways as we brew our tea.

The first El Salvador coffee grower who realised the opportunities of creating and blending the wasted coffee cherries was a forward-thinking lady named Aida Batlle. She accidentally discovered the sweet fruity aroma one day when standing next to a pile of discarded cherries.

Like all discoveries, where the rest of the world ignored the pile and accepted the waste as the norm.

Aida instead picked through the dry cherry pile. She selected a small amount and cleaned them with fresh water. After that, she placed the cherries into a glass of hot water and sat back to sample what it would taste like.

I suspect the revelation of discovering this brand new delicious experience was as exciting to Aida as it was for me. For me, I could not wait to share the flavours with all who would stop and listen to me. Reading that Aida’s customers were soon drinking her newly discovered Cascara made me smile.

Little did the early explorers of Cascara consider the longterm benefits of Cascara tea.

Legend has it that Kaldi the goat herder, after witnessing the strange effects on his goats when they ate the nearby unknown fruit later to become renown as coffee, did report the dilemma to his local monks. None at the time truly understood or even contemplated the benefits that would come from the coffee cherries hanging in the trees.

You can read Kaldi’s story on a previous article I wrote with this link:

The incredible history of coffee.

A happy goat showing one of the benefits from the coffee cherry.
A happy goat showing one of the benefits from the coffee cherry.

Cascara Tea for me is a delicious drink that has an abundance of sweet and fruity flavours.

Today I met a very hardworking and talented Barista here in Colombia. He reintroduced me to his version of Cascara Tea. I noted the many flavours of rose hip immediately, closely followed by cherry, mango, hibiscus, red currant, and I believe a hint of tobacco.

The logo for La Gaitana School of Baristas.
The logo for La Gaitana School of Baristas.

The latter may have come from my stretched imagination, but I like to think was true. Julian, my Barista Teacher and Exporter for the day was happy to promote the benefits of regularly drinking Cascara Tea he had discovered himself as well as his loyal customers.

He reported to me the brief history and the following benefits of drinking Cascara Tea:

Tea has proved to be a resounding source of comfort, and healing for all tea drinkers around the world. Most certainly within the British way of life.

Tea’s diversity has proved to be the best thing that all will gladly mention when the subject arises. It is the same for any tea whether it be black, green, herbal or fruity.

Us tea drinkers can always relate a time when the tea of our choice made a difference to our lives. Now it is Cascara Tea’s time to shine.

Cascara Tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. They provide support for our energy, mental clarity, and overall wellbeing.

With us Brits, no matter where we hang our hats, we have enjoyed the benefits of drinking tea for over 350 years. It has become our quintessential English drink. But remember, tea’s history did not start with the English, its story began a lot earlier.

Chinese history can trace back a form of herbal tea being brewed as far back as 2737 BCE with Emperor Shen Nung the dedicated herbalist.

Benefit 1. Cascara Tea has proved to be a great source of antioxidants.

A woman holding board with antioxidants concept.
Woman holding a board with Antioxidants concept

Antioxidants are in many foods we refer as “Superfoods.” Their properties have long been known to protect our immune system and overall health. They protect our cell membranes and delicate cells, as well as the ability to reduce any inflammation we may suffer.

It was reported that Cascara Tea has a higher density of antioxidants than fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and pomegranates.

Benefit 2. The ability for you to promote improved levels of energy naturally.

For those of us who have discovered Cascara Tea will gladly agree that this tea is the perfect balance between tea and coffee. We love the fruity sweet flavour and find it a natural choice when we do not wish to face the acidity taste of our favourite coffee.

The incredible irony both come from the same source – Yes the coffee bean. Thus, making the caffeine structure similar in design but less in amount.

Cascara Tea has approximately one quarter less content of caffeine compared to your regular coffee. If you worry about the effects of drinking a coffee later in the afternoon or at night, you now have an alternative.

Another benefit of Cascara Tea. It gives you the needed energy support without losing sleep at night, and protects you against the extremes of highs and lows with sugar. You now can avoid other alternatives such as energy drinks and sugary soda drinks.

Benefit 3. The positive feeling of promoting and improving our mental health and clarity.

businesswoman having positive feelings about work.
A young businesswoman showing a happy mental health and wellbeing at her desk.

From the coffee cherry, it is noted that levels of Brain-derived Neurotropic factor or BDNF can be supported. It gives us the ability to preserve our memory.

According to the British Journal of Nutrition higher levels of BDNF is critical for our brain’s clarity. It supports the promotion of healthy ageing of our brains. This positive benefit can also benefit our memory, our feelings of happiness and goodwill.

The conclusion to: “What are the fantastic benefits of Cascara Tea?” is a brief on how to make this tea.

Just like your typical tea, the longer you brew, the stronger the flavour.

You can alter the taste to match your preferred level of strength and sweetness by adding small amounts of Stevia. But, I can assure you that omitting the addition of any form of sweeteners is not required.

Why not just enjoy the organic benefits of Cascara Tea and drink it as nature has provided. It is a delicious beverage all by its self.

It will be fantastic to hear your stories regarding the benefits of Cascara Tea that you have enjoyed. Please submit your comments below:

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